CYMEX еxtends its business with new type of service Co-Location. What does it means?

Instead of keeping your noisy miners which consume a lot of electricity and produce a lot of heat in home or in offices you can colocate them in one of our mining farms.

You don`t have to worry about noice, lost internet connection, heat or power failure anymore.

Our 24/7 support will do its best to minimize the downtime of your miners and encrease your profit.

Such type of services are very individual so use the contact form below to be as comprehensive as possible.

We from CYMEX will be glad to start working with you.



Please feel free to write us. Our team is ready to solve all your issues and queries on the go. You can write us at and get connected to our support team.

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Risk Disclosure

Digital financial instruments (cryptocurrency) trading is a high-risk activity. On the one hand it can lead to high profits, but on the other hand it can cause a lot of losses. Transactions (trade operations) with underlying assets which involve operations with digital financial instruments (cryptocurrencies) in financial markets bear risks of financial losses (which can be very significant).

These risks increase if you haven't fully learned the specific of trading in financial markets, therefore CYMEX company advises that you have all the necessary knowledge and/or be trained accordingly (sign up for financial classes, practice on a free demo-account).

Make sure to raise your personal awareness about methods, rules and peculiarities of underlying assets trading when dealing with digital financial instruments (cryptocurrencies) and educate yourself on other financial aspects. This knowledge will serve as additional guarantee of successful trading.